Our Story

Helping Children Transition as Their Family Dynamics Change

Our Story

The Layne Project was founded on the principal that families take many different forms; generally, it is in a child’s best interest that he/she be afforded the opportunity to have a relationship with both parents.


In 2001, Trina Nudson was practicing in the field of foster care social work. Frustrated with the system, she decided to go to law school. Shortly after being accepted to law school, life threw Trina a curve ball. She was informed her then boyfriend of a year and a half, (now husband), had a little girl and her name was, Layne. When Layne’s father realized he may be a dad, he was scared, immature, and didn’t feel ready to take on the responsibility.


With a little encouragement, he and Trina met Layne for the first time three days before Layne’s first birthday. Layne’s mother lovingly accepted him and Trina into Layne’s life. The first day Layne met her daddy, she ran to him with open arms. It was a beautiful and life changing day.


Trina graduated law school in July of 2003, and quickly discovered that the domestic court is the child in need of care court, only with another name. She discovered that not all parents are as open, as child focused and as forgiving as Layne’s mother. Trina grew to understand how difficult parental conflict can be on children and that co-parenting, is not always easy.


When Trina became a mother, the respect Trina had for Layne’s mother increased. Trina came to understand parental boundaries and how difficult it must of have been for Layne’s mother when Trina crossed perceived parental boundaries. However, Layne’s mother never allowed this to detour her from maintaining her focus on Layne.


Their family’s journey has not been perfect. Trina, Layne’s father, mother and stepfather have each encountered co-parenting challenges, over the years but they maintained their focus on Layne. They have learned to successfully co-parent, and this allowed their child to prosper.


Layne changed everything, not only for her dad and Trina, but for many children. Trina’s eyes opened to more than the need for a family attorney. Trina saw a community’s need for services that help families during these difficult transitions in their lives. Thus, The Layne Project, Inc. was established in 2008.


Today, The Layne Project has:

  • Grown to 10 employees.
  • Provides hundreds of children the opportunity to continue a relationship with their parents, through the Supervised Parenting Time and Supervised Exchanges Programs.
  • Assists hundreds of co-parents learn and implement the skills necessary to effectively co-parent and maintain the focus on their mutual interest, their child(ren).
  • And so much more!


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