Our Programs Were Built With Your Child In Mind

“Safe space to share your stuff!” – 11 year old girl

“I feel PAUSE has been extremely helpful. [We] have had the opportunity to learn how to have conversations again.” – Rejected Parent

The most essential skills for social emotional learning are those best learned outside of the classroom. To ensure our children meet their full potential parents must become more involved. The Pause Program includes individual coaching sessions, monthly group sessions, and techniques in pausing busy lives to mindfully connect as a family. Learn more
This therapeutic group aims to provide a safe confidential place to address feelings about navigating the after-effects of a relationship change. It is for parents with an amicable or even friendly relationships with their co-parent, as well as for step-parents who struggle with their role in a challenging situation. Learn more
Lokahi teaches children to surf the wave of their emotions, through building skills in compassion, and self-awareness, while fostering healthy relationships, and giving a sense of legitimacy to our humanness, practicing presence, processing interdependence, and finding comfort in the Ohana Lokahi (group family). Learn more
BeH20 is a child focused joint parenting approach. This program empowers parents to implement the “be water” strategy when approaching co-parenting to put out the fire of conflict and thus reduce the collateral damage to children. Learn more