One huge way we as parents communicate and show love to our children is by spending time with them. Without supervised parenting my kids would be missing out on an important bond they deserve with BOTH parents.

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The Layne Project believes it is important that children are provided the opportunity to have a relationship with both of their parents. Because of this, we offer a few options for supervised services. Learn more


Our Evaluation Services can address issues of custody and parenting time, specific issues outlined in a court order, and helping parents create a co-parenting plan that works best for their family. Learn more


Trina Nudson, CDC® offers two types of coaching to help parents navigate high-conflict divorce that encourages amicable resolution while keeping the focus on your child(ren). Learn more


The Layne Project provides a myriad of therapeutic services. Learn more

Court Involved Therapy (CIT)

If you a therapist interested in taking on court involved families and need support or if you are a parent / family involved with the legal system seeking support, we can help. Learn more

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